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~~ T R A I L C A K E S ~~


all 3.50

NORTH COUNTRY thick sliced bacon

North COUNTRY maple breakfast sausage links

Truffle Cotija Taters

Fruit bowl with guava crema

 the rest of (non alc) the bevs... 

house made agua frescas

           horchata / spicy watermelon 3.5

Newman’s Own  lemonade / limeade  3

             add guava or raspberry to either + 1

Liquid Death sparkling water (16oz) 3

brewCHATA - First Branch cold brew coffee + horchata (12oz) 4

First Branch - cold brew coffee (12oz) 4

JOE's Peach iced tea (20oz) 5

Eli’s draft root beer  3 (sorry, no refills)

Jarritos Mexican sodas guava / mandarin / pineapple / grapefruit / strawberry / passion fruit 3.5

Maine Root Mexicane cola or Blueberry soda   3.75

SAP! maple soda // maple seltzer // birch  3.75

Kingdom Kombucha on draft (non alcoholic)  4.5

Vita Coco pressed coconut juice (17oz) 5

  TRAIL CAKES is  B A C K in action EVERY SUNDAY! 

*** MAKE YOUR RESERVATION NOW! (we fill up QUICKLY for prime times) ***

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