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K I D'S M E N U !

 $8.75 ~ includes a drink and choice of side! 

fried, tried & true!

chicken fingers - woo!

Choose ketchup, pineapple salsa, cilantro lime crema or pepper crema (not spicy) for dipping

grommet grub

two mini tacos (choose protein) with shreeded cheese blend

- chicken - pork - black bean (spicy) - shaved steak (spicy) -jackfruit


lil' cheesey

cheese quesadilla

- add chicken, steak, or pork - +2.5 

kid classic

cheesy crunchy NACHO deliciousness

- add chicken, steak, or pork- +2.5 

gotta have it

(slightly spicy) black beans + cheese blend + taters

- add chicken, steak, or pork - +2.5 



chips + (slightly spicy) salsa

chips + pineapple salsa

sliced watermelon

spicy black beans

sweet potato + chickpea hash (w/ or w/out maple sambal)

plain (grilled) corn on the cobb

(if they want street corn style, we can do that too)


apple juice



Eli's draft root beer

*refills $1*

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