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 Looking for the best  beer selection  in the Upper Valley? We've got it with 28 taps perpetually rotating and showcasing the best local breweries and beyond. By the time we've printed our beer list - it's likely out of date since there's a new brewery or style featured almost every time we kick a keg! All of the beers are available in full or 5oz pours so you can pick one and go for it or create your perfect flight!

 Patio weather  got you thinking about something a little more colorful? Winter cold got you craving some drinks more fitting for a beach day? We've got you covered there too!  Signature cocktails  like our WaterLEMon Gnargarita and the Beach Bum are always popular (and available in pitchers!) while half of our list rotates with the season or as inspiration floats our way.   

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ALL BOOZENESS  *cocktails*

Grand Guavarita

Espolon silver tequila + guava puree + a splash of lemonade and a hefty Cointreau float  10

(not super sweet! if you want it sweeter, have us add a touch of maple syrup)

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  27

the Standard

Sauza gold + limeade + a splash of oj & a dash of pure maple syrup  8.25

Upgrade? (sub Milagro Reposado or Espolon Silver +$2)

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  22.5

WaterLEMon Gnargarita 

Sauza gold + our jalapeno watermelon lemonade + salted watermelon wedge...tart, spicy, delicious!  8.75

Upgrade? (sub Milagro Reposado or Espolon Silver +$2)

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  24

Raspy Rascal

Sauza gold + raspberry puree + Chambord + Tiki bitters + maple syrup + sugar rim  9.75

Upgrade? (sub Milagro Reposado or Espolon Silver +$2)

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  26.5

Daily Dose [painkiller]

Cruzan light rum + Bacardi black rum + cream of coconut + oj + pineapple + ground nutmeg  9.5

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  26

Beach Bum [rum punch]

Cruzan light rum + Bacardi dark rum + pomegranate grenadine + oj + pineapple + blue curacao float  9.5

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  26

Maple-mOle Old FashiOned

Silo Maple whiskey with muddle oranges, a splash of pomegranate grenadine (the good stuff)

and dash of Mole bitters  11


muddled cucumber & mint + raspberry puree, Cruzan white rum, soda water and a splash of maple syrup  9.75

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  26.5

Fuster ClUck [sangria]

There's a whole lot going on in this glass! Muddled pomegranate grenadine & orange slices + La Vieille Ferme red wine + fireball + triple sec + a splash of the current cider on draft!  10

make it a PITCHER! (serves 3)  27

** the SHOTski! **

FOUR  shots mounted on a Blizzard Bonafide ski! A real team effort! 

YOU choose the liquor  22

WE choose the liquor  16 

(don't worry, no plastic bottles)

Canned & Corkless  *wines*


ALL WINES are served in 375ml cans equivalent to a HALF bottle (two glasses)

Dark Horse - Rose

The California pink wine features fruity flavors of strawberry, raspberry and melon, along with tart

cherry, to produce a playful, fun taste.  13.5

Dark Horse - Pinot Noir

Dark Horse Pinot Noir delivers decadent red fruit notes in a velvety smooth, medium-bodied red wine

from California. Aromas of dried lavender rise from the glass, revealing layers of black cherry

and strawberry underscored by hints of rich molasses.  13.5

'House Wine' - Red Blend

Fruit forward wine with intense Blackberry aromatics, and a refined oak profile. Full bodied wine with soft approachable tannins. Lingering berry fruit flavors round out the finish with good weight.  13.5

'House Wine' - Chardonnay

Crisp, Dry wine with flavors of apple, citrus and tropical fruits.  13.5

Dark Horse - Pinot Grigio

A bold wine with a big personality, offering notes of apple and hints of lemon, complemented by a subtle minerality and an elegant finish.  13.5

Dark Horse - Sauvignon Blanc

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc White Wine is a lively, bright wine with great acidity. This California white wine features refreshing notes of grapefruit, melon and citrus for a tropical feel.  13.5

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