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 You've found our  PROMO GIFT CARD SALE! 


THIS page shows the gift card sale info for our 2024 Quechee Relocation fund!

CHECK OUT the info below (along with the FAQs).

If you have any questions, feel free to message us on social media OR email LOWDOWN@TRAILBREAKVT.COM


We are STOKED to be moving to our new location in Quechee BUT damn...the place needs some love! We are asking our vast mob of regulars to help us with some of the renovation costs in the form of advanced payment for your inevitable trips to the new spot!


Our THANKS for this loyalty comes in the form of BONUS BUCKS! The more you spend, the higher percentage BONUS you receive*. Check out the FAQs below for details, but the #1 thing to keep in mind is that these gift cards will be issued in JANUARY and valid starting when we reopen in the spring!

*bonuses will be in the form of physical cards available for pickup once we reopen!

 To top it all off, and to get everyone in the holiday spirit, we are donating 5% of the   PURCHASE price of your gift card to a local Upper Valley non profit of your choice! 


GET EM WHILE YOU CAN - this sale will only run until 12/31:

>  spend $50  >> get $57.50 

>  spend $100  >> get $125.00 

>  spend $150  >> get $190.00 

-- for all below, you'll get to chose ONE beer that goes on tap between July and October -- 

>  spend $250  >> get $325.00 

>  spend $500  >> get $700.00

>  spend $750  >> get $1,100.00 

>  spend $1000  >> get $1,500.00

>  spend $2000  >> get $3,250.00 


*When can I buy these damn things? The link below (or HERE) will allow you to purchase them almost any time of day through our online ordering system. You can also buy these ON SITE at the restaurant, just ask your server!


*When will I receive my gift cards? We'll issue the purchased portion (via E MAIL) in late January. The bonus portion will be available when we reopen (the bonus amounts will be physical cards - and yes, the bonus card amount are transferrable so you can give them out and be the hero you've always wanted to be among your amigos!


*Can I get a physical card instead? Yes you can, we will have them available for pickup once we reopen (or you can arrange pickup if you'd like it sooner). We will mail any cards over $250 if requested


*Can I split the cards up? We will split them up to two ways, please indicate with a follow up email after purchase. The bonus cards are transferrable so you can give them out and be the hero you've always wanted to be among your amigos! They will come in denominations of $25-$50


*Can the cards be used for catering?  Cards CAN be used for PICK UP and local DROP OFF catering in JULY, AUGUST or SEPTEMBER. However, the total card/bonus amounts will ONLY apply to FOOD & BEVERAGE and not towards tax, delivery, gratuity or other fees. Cards CANNOT be used for full service, off site events.


*Can I tip on the card? These are only valid for FOOD & BEVERAGE purchases


*Do these cards expire?  NO! They will be valid FROM when we reopen in 2024 onward. We'll be operational every May through October in the new Quechee spot!


*Can I return the card? NO, these cards will have NO cash value and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

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